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About Three Roses Bakery

Hello and welcome! My name is Danielle, the home baker behind Three Roses Bakery. I've always had an affinity for food and specifically baked goodies. Having a bad day? Eat a cookie. Having a good day? Celebrate with a cookie. I'm thrilled to finally share my passion with you all! 


After 13+ years full-time in a Marketing career, I've scaled back to pursue a career in baking, which is where Three Roses Bakery was born. The name represents three generations of strong women: my grandmother (Rozella), my mother (Elaine Rose), and myself (Danielle Rose, in pursuit of their strength!). From stealing batter licks off the mixer, to eating cookies for breakfast with my Mom, to self-teaching how to bake layer cakes from scratch, my baking journey has already been so fun, and only just begun. 


I'm so excited to get to know you - what makes your heart happy? What are your favorite flavors? Are you an adventurous eater or love the classics? When's your birthday and how do you treat yo' self? 


I believe that every bite should be an experience, and strive to make each and every treat a memorable one. Thank you for choosing Three Roses Bakery, I can't wait to bake something special for you!

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